Family Documentary Photography
Everyday Wonder Photography is specialized in natural light, candid photography of children and families. Commonly referred to as Family Documentary Photography, this approach to photography consists of unscripted “natural” photography outside the studio. Documentary sessions unlike their more traditional counterparts are done in your usual environment whether outside or in your home. Using this approach, my goal is to photograph the everyday scenes of you and your family in a way that is true to life and authentic.
Events and Fitness
Everyday Wonder Photography is also available for your special events, whether weddings, corporate occasions, birthday parties, baptisms or sporting activities.
The total costs of your investment depends on several factors like the type of shoot, the time spent on location, number of images and optional add-on services and products. For these reasons your price will be determined once we have a chance to discuss the details together. Please feel free to contact me for more pricing details or examples.

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